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Strengthen Hard Aluminum Body

Ingenious Tail Cross Bar

Saw Gauge


Saw Gauge


 Package Contains 

Saw Gauge Contain

"Multiple Combination Ways"

Meet Various Measure Requirements

Multiple Combination Ways


"Miter Groove Bar Measures 0.73in / 18.5mm, Perfect Fit in The Miter Grooves are Wider than 0.73in”

Saw Gauge

"Chunky Sophisticated Dialgage"

Saw Gauge Dialgage

1" Capacity Dial Indicator Reads  in .001" Increments

 "Strengthen Hard Aluminum Body"

Hard Body

Harden Anodized Craft, Double Harder than Normal Anodized Craft

"Flexible Assembly Saw Gauge"

Flexible Assembly Saw Gauge

Saw gauge is combined by precise screws, Will apply in mechanical alignment such as table saw alignment, fence alignment, saws and drill presses....

5-year warranty

  Whthin 5 year,any fault caused by non-artificial reason we should maintain it freely.

  Supply wearing parts with favorable price when product damaged by customer improper operation.

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