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Cowryman: A Journey of Craftsmanship and Innovation

My name is Lancer, and I co-founded the brand Cowryman along with my father. Inspired by his passion for woodworking, my father had amassed a collection of traditional woodworking tools. Over time, many of these tools succumbed to rust and deterioration. Witnessing this, my father conceived the idea of creating a set of easy-to-maintain tools. Combining my professional expertise with his woodworking experience, we set out to create the Cowryman series of stainless steel tools.

Cowryman stands for the perfect blend of heritage and innovation. We hold great respect for traditional woodworking techniques while continuously exploring and enhancing the functionality and performance of our tools. Our unwavering commitment is to provide our customers with the best tools, ensuring that everyone who uses Cowryman experiences the charm of woodworking craftsmanship.

Through continuous innovation and improvement, Cowryman has gradually expanded its market reach. Whether it's for home renovations or professional construction sites, Cowryman tools consistently deliver outstanding results.

We firmly believe that only by adapting to market changes and meeting customer demands can one become a leader in the woodworking tool industry. We remain dedicated to continually providing better tools for woodworking enthusiasts worldwide, enabling them to unleash their creativity to the fullest.

At Cowryman, we look forward to the future with optimism and a commitment to excellence. Join us on this journey as we continue to shape the world of woodworking, one tool at a time.

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Phone number: +8613924768556
Physical address: Longhuqu Waishazhen Neilong Building 3 Room 10 Shantou, 515023 Guangdong, China