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Advanced Wood Working Tool for Professional Carpenter

Double Screws Blade Locking System
High-end Ebony Larger Handles

Router Plane


Router Plane Size


"Bigger Adjusting Screw Nut Large Hands Friendly"

Router Plane Bigger Adjusting Screw Nut

"Double Blade Locking Screws" 

Router Plane Blade LockingRouter Plane Blade Locking

Fine Adjusting the Cutting Depth of The Blade to Acheived the More Accurately Carpentry

 "Two Ways to Install"

Suit for Diversified Carpentry Works

Router Plane Install

Choose the Installation Way According to Specific Situation 

Rear Fence Device
Simple Construction, Easy lnstallation

Router Plane FenceRouter Plane FenceRouter Plane Fence

More Sizes of Blade Available

Router Plane Blade

Easily Cut Various Types of Wood
Making Hinges and Mortising a Lot Easier
Router Plane Easycut

5-year warranty

Whthin 5 year,any fault caused by non-artificial reason we should maintain it freely.
Supply wearing parts with favorable price when product damaged by customer improper operation.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us by e-mail.

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