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The Zen of Woodworking: A Journey into the Greene & Greene Style Picture Frame

The Zen of Woodworking: A Journey into the Greene & Greene Style Picture Frame




"Meet Mario, an Australian YouTuber whose channel goes by the name of 'TheWoodfather - Mario.' As a skilled woodworker, Mario brings a wealth of hands-on experience that could serve as a valuable reference for those interested in the 040 Router Plane."

"I love my wife, my kids, and my work. But there's nothing I love more than being alone with my thoughts." It's that potent combination of solitude and creativity that defines the essence of woodworking for many. This time, the project at hand is a Greene & Greene style picture frame, a blend of traditional craftsmanship with a modern touch. Let’s dive into this crafty escapade, shall we?

Cowryman 040 Router Plane

The Idea Behind the Project

We've all had those quirky thoughts alone with ourselves, like wondering if there exists a parallel universe where pizza delivers people to your home. But, in this case, the alone time breeds an idea worth exploring: contrasting the old with the new. I bought plans from WoodSmith, tweaking them to suit a print that's still undecided. The whole endeavor marries traditional woodworking aesthetics with a modern interior print, creating a fascinating contrast.

Cowryman 040 Router Plane

Tools of the Trade: The Router Plane

Switching gears for a moment, let's talk about this fascinating hand tool, a router plane made by a company called Cowryman. These planes are designed for cutting grooves, dados, and rabbets, making them the Swiss Army Knife of woodworking tools. Coming in a stainless steel body with wooden handles, they are both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. This model, the 040, is the latest evolution in Cowryman's line, and let me tell you—it's an absolute joy to use.

Cowryman 040 Router Plane

Why This Tool?

Now you may ask, why specifically this tool? Well, first off, it comes ready to use right out of the box. The blade is sharp, and according to the package, hand-finished. Secondly, the tool is incredibly versatile, available in various sizes (3, 5, and 6 mm blades), making it a handy addition to any woodworking arsenal. And for those concerned with longevity, Cowryman offer a generous 5-year replacement for damaged parts. In short, it's a great deal for roughly 130 Australian dollars.

Technique Over Skill?

Even though hand tools often come with a learning curve, using this rabbet plane is, in fact, as easy as pie. Simple locking and unlocking mechanisms allow for easy depth adjustments, providing results that are precise yet require little technical skill. So even if you're not a woodworking maestro, fear not. The rabbet plane is your friend.

Cowryman 040 Router Plane

The Final Product

With the assistance of this nifty tool, I achieved a smooth finish on my Greene & Greene style picture frame. Though the Millennium Falcon print inside the frame is still up for debate, the frame itself is a testament to what one can achieve with the right tools and a bit of alone time.

In Conclusion

If you're in the market for a new hand tool or even a creative outlet, consider diving into woodworking. Who knows? Maybe you'll find your own peace, and maybe even some answers to those quirky alone-time thoughts, like whether Darth Vader’s heavy breathing ever interrupted crucial Sith meetings.

Remember, sometimes the best conversations you'll ever have are the ones you have with yourself, in the company of some finely crafted wood.

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