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My Worry Vanished

My Worry Vanished



My Worry Vanished
I could not say this if it hadn't been for the Cowryman plane

Hector, my customer, is a traditional hand tool woodworker.

He just wrote to me, bursting with excitement. He proudly shared his latest masterpiece: 6 beautifully crafted bookcases, each with 6 layers of simplicity and elegance, resembling works of art.

I'm thrilled to see Hector's Email. I feel so proud of him, and it fills me with a sense of accomplishment too. A few months ago, Hector shared on Facebook that his new project required making 72 dadoes, 24 hinge mortises, and 12 rabbets. The workload was overwhelming, and he was worried. He reached out to see if anyone had any better advice for him.

My Suggestion

I noticed his post right away. I'm very familiar with words like "dadoes," "hinge mortises," and "rabbets." I left a comment suggesting he check out my router plane and included a link to my YouTube channel. There, I have a helpful guide on using the router plane. Even though my brand isn't well-known, Hector quickly placed an order with me.

After 21 days, I received a reply from Hector. He said he had received the router plane a few days ago and tried it out. He was very satisfied with it. He thanked me for the suggestion and said he would no longer be afraid of making bookshelves.

040 Router Plane

Elminated all the Worry

Now, with 6 bookcases completed, Hector is eager to start the next project. I feel accomplished seeing his shift from worry to anticipation. In 2015, I made the first router plane prototype, and in 2017, it went on sale on Amazon. Now, it's a whole series of Router Planes.


Every day, I seek opportunities to communicate with the carpenters I can interact with, hoping to find inspiration to improve my products. From the first generation, when some customers complained about our rough craftsmanship and dull tools, to now, where all the comments praise our exquisite workmanship and ready-to-use tools. I owe this progress to the abundant trust and support from my customers. I will continue striving to create even higher quality tools.

I've been working hard on improving the 040 Router Plane, my latest upgrade of the super popular 003 Router Plane. You know what I did? I added this cool angled block that tilts it at 18°, making the handle go from 90° to 108°. This gives it more space inside, and to top it off, I installed bigger handles that fit most people's grip. And let me tell you, this angled handle makes it way easier to handle and apply force. Trust me, you're gonna love it!

040 Router Plane

L or I

So, you know what? I've been watching tons of woodworking videos on YouTube, and people always wonder why those big tool manufacturers still bother making those L-shaped blade Router Planes. Then they come up with all these "genius" solutions to deal with the sharpening problem. But here's the thing: I thought about it and realized that sharpening those L-shaped blades is a real pain because of the limited blade shaft. So, guess what? I decided to design a Router Plane that's super easy to sharpen and won't need constant sharpening. 'Cause let's be honest, most folks love woodworking to relax and enjoy the hands-on fun, not to stress themselves out with extra hassle.

Let me break it down for you: All the blades of the Router Plane are made from HSS steel, which is perfect for high-speed metal cutting. It's incredibly durable and stays sharp for a longer time. That means you won't need to sharpen it as often during your everyday use. We go the extra mile during production, meticulously polishing and sharpening each blade, so every single Router Plane that leaves our workshop is ready to go right out of the box. And even after prolonged use, a simple sharpening is all it takes to bring back that sharp edge.

After some research, I found out that the most commonly used sizes are 3mm, 6mm, and 8mm. Out of these, 8mm is the one you'll use the most. That's why we include an 8mm blade as a bonus in every package. If you need additional 3mm and 6mm blades, you can purchase them separately based on your needs.

Enlarge Base Plate

You won't believe how many customers ask me if they can drill a couple more holes on the Router Plane to fit a bigger baseplate. My bad for not showing this in detail on the product page. But here's the scoop: every single Cowryman Router Plane can totally handle a larger baseplate. Just swap out the screws with longer ones and use the holes at the bottom where the fixed handles are to attach the baseplate. And guess what? I've got a video on my YouTube channel that explains it all, step by step. It's as simple as taking a quick look, and you'll know exactly how to install that bigger baseplate. My bad for not making it clear earlier, but now you've got the inside scoop!

040 Router Plane

Unconditional Return

With a generous 60-day return policy, you've got more than enough time to give my Router Plane a test run. I'm confident you'll fall in love with this tool. But hey, if it doesn't tickle your fancy, simply send it back to me within 60 days. No worries, I'll cover the return shipping and give you a full refund.

5 Years Warranty

Listen up, folks! I've got some great news for you. All our products come with a whopping 5-year warranty. That's right, if any part gets damaged during this period, I've got your back. I'll send you a shiny new replacement part, and all you'll need to do is screw it in place. Trust me, besides the wooden handle, I can't imagine any part getting damaged. But hey, if your Router Plane does break, just reach out to me, and I'll hook you up with a fresh new part. Easy peasy!


When it comes to payment, we've got you covered! You can use PayPal, or even pay with your credit/debit card without needing a PayPal account. PayPal, being a big shot in the online payment world, offers secure and convenient transactions, ensuring your interests are fully protected.

Hey, no worries if you don't have a PayPal account! Just head over to this link for all the details on how to checkout without one:

Whether you use PayPal or any other payment method, your money will be securely held by PayPal, a trusted third-party payment provider, until our transaction is all wrapped up. No need to stress about your hard-earned cash!

By the way, the price for the 040 Router Plane is just $89. And guess what? We offer free shipping worldwide. But here's the real kicker: if you subscribe to our newsletter at the home page, we'll give you a sweet 10% discount. Trust me, this is a golden opportunity to snag a deal, especially since Cowryman hardly ever has sales. Don't miss out! Place your order today!

Click on the image below to delve into the detailed information about the 040 Router Plane

040 Router Plane



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