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Carpentry's First Love

Welcome to Carpentry's First Router Plane—a must-have for your woodshop. Designed to meet most requirements for novice woodworkers and seasoned pros alike. This is the tool that transforms your work from 'decent' to 'stellar.'

Router Plane


With a length of 10.5cm, width of 7cm, and height of 8.5cm, it's the perfect size for nimble handling and precise control. You don't need a PhD in woodworking to use it; you just need a passion for craftsmanship.

Router Plane Size

Precision and Control

The precise finish grinding blade ensures that every cut is smoothly and steadily executed. Forget the struggle; cutting with this is like slicing through butter with a hot knife.

Router PlaneRouter PlaneRouter Plane

Imagine cutting through Black Walnut. Now, envision working on African Padauk. Yes, our Router Plane handles both with elegance and efficiency. Picture-perfect results every time.

Black Walnut

Router Plane Cut Black Walnut


Router Plane cut AfricanPadauk

Cutting Versatility

Easily cut various types of wood. Making hinges and mortising? It just got a lot easier. This is not a one-trick pony; it's a Swiss Army knife of woodworking.

Easily Cut Various Types of Wood

Build and Flexibility

Crafted with a stainless steel body and connected by screws, it offers a flexible modular connection. The fun part? It's a DIY dream. Upgrade it with your own creativity.

Router Plane

New Tightening Screw

Tightening has never been so effortless. With our new tightening screw, you've got stability and ease—all in one motion.

Router Plane

More Sizes of Blade Available

Choose your blade. The tool comes with an 8MM blade, but 3MM and 6MM options are also available. Purchase them separately for $13.99 each or grab both for just $24.99.

Router Plane Blade

Ratings and Recognition

This isn't just another tool; it's Amazon's Choice for router planes with a high rating. Over 98% of our customers have recognized its excellence.

Router Plane

5-year warranty

We provide a 5-year warranty. Within these years, any fault caused by non-artificial reasons will be maintained freely. Need parts? I send 'em. Just a screw or two, and your plane is as good as new.



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Transform your carpentry dreams into a reality with our Router Plane. Come, be a part of our ever-growing family of satisfied woodcrafters.

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