3D Print Removal Tool | 3D Printer Tool Set of 2 - Cowryman

3D Print Removal Tool | 3D Printer Tool Set of 2 - Cowryman

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  • Flexible Blade Size: Small 1.96 * 0.9 in ; Long 4.52 * 0.59 in

  • Very thin blade, Work well

  • Suitable size, More Flexible

  • This 3D print removal tool can help you easy get the prints off from the print bed

  • A necessary tool set in your 3D printer tool kit, The long ones are useful for releasing larger part and the small one is useful when you want to apply force to penetrate below the 3D part

3d printer removal tool

Cowryman 3D print removal tools are very useful for removing print that are stuck to your printer bed. With these tools you are able to remove the print safely, protect your printer bed.


This set of 2 print removal spatulas have one long blade and one shorter blade, You can use the shorter blade to remove the smaller prints better than other long and big blades. The shorter one also can remove the print which you use glue or any other adhesive to welded onto the bed.


You can start with the shorter blade to lift an edge off of the printer bed and the slide the long blade in underneath the rest of the print. The blades are sharp but if you want them to be thinner and sharper, you can easily sharpen them yourself.


This tools are ideal for kids to use,Simply slide the blades under a corner or lip of the print and the entire object will pop off of the bed.

3D printer remove tool

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